What inspires me.


Love, emotion, the beauty in nature, children's sense of awe and their boundless imaginations. These are a few of life's wonders that inspire me to photograph.

After having two beautiful children of my own, I realise just how fast children grow and that everyday beautiful moments pass us by. I love the natural, raw and creative possibilities that photography has at documenting and bringing back to life some of these precious moments. 

Knowing that I can offer families with photographs that conjure up feelings of happiness and nostalgia, makes me feel fulfilled and immensely happy. 

I look forward to meeting you, learning from you and telling your story, a story that reflects a part of your life. I seek to unveil what it is we hold inside, an inner beauty precious and unique.

“My heart is open and my eyes are waiting for that moment when the essence of our self unveils itself; that moment when the soul connects and true beauty is revealed.” 


Kate de Castro